Handball Performance-Index: Data-based, transparent, fair

Data-based. Transparent. Fan-focused. For the 2020/21 season, Handball-Bundesliga GmbH is introducing a new benchmark for evaluating the performance of all LIQUI MOLY HBL players. The Handball Performance Index was designed in cooperation with Deutsche Kreditbank AG and selected experts from top-level sports and science. It uses selected statistics from all players to evaluate, analyze and compare their athletic performance at all positions.

Gensheimer, Elisson, Schiller - the list of world-class left wingers competing in the LIQUI MOLY HBL is long. But what actually characterizes a good winger? And how does the HPI take into account the key metrics of the left wing position?

Example: Calculation of the HPI for the left wing position

Exemplary is the player Noah Beyer from TUSEM Essen. Beyer played as left wing in the match against the HC Erlangen in October 2020. At the start of the match, the player's HPI was the standardized baseline value of 100. Immediately after the end of the TUSEM Essen vs. HC Erlangen, Beyer's Handball Performance Index was composed as follows:

  • Initial value HPI = 100
  • Plus points =80
    • 7x Goals after penalty = 42
    • 2x Goals from fastbreak = 10
    • 2x Goals from wing position = 14
    • 1x Steal = 10
    • 1x Assist to penalty = 4
  • Minus points = -27
    • 2x Turnovers = -20
    • 1x penalty caused = -7

The Handball Performance Index for Noah Beyer after the match TUSEM Essen vs. HC Erlangen was 153 (100+80-27).