Before 1994

The Bundesliga clubs are members of the German Handball Association. The league committee is decided at the Bundesliga general assembly. The committee prepares motions for the DHB to vote on, such as who should be involved at the top of the organisation.


As a result of an invitation from the Bundesliga assembly, the following club representatives met on 1.6.1994 in Dortmund to found the Handball Bundesliga Association:

- Hans-Ulrich Prowe, TSV Bayer Dormagen
- Manfred Werner, SG Flensburg-Handewitt
- Manfred Eilbacher, TV Großwallstadt
- Ernst-Albrecht Lenz, VfL Gummersbach
- Erhard Bosch, VfL Gummersbach
- Heinz Jacobsen, THW Kiel
- Gerd Schmitt, SG Leutershausen
- Martin Sanne, SC Magdeburg
- Rudi Hartz, TV Niederwürzbach
- Burkhard Keller, SG Wallau-Massenheim
- Karl-Heinz Scheer, LTV Wuppertal
- Manfred Kassahn, VfL Heppenheim.

Task and purpose: Promote the sport of handball, particularly the Bundesliga, represent the interests of the Bundesliga clubs in relation to the DHB and participate in the DHB committees.

Chairman: Heinz Jacobsen
Vice Chairman: Rudi Hartz
Treasurer: Manfred Werner
Bundesliga commitee members Bundesliga: Bodo Ströhmann und Bernd-Uwe Hildebrandt
Divison 2 committee members: Karl-Heinz Scheer und Manfred Kassahn


Establishment of a head office in Kiel.


Meeting in Kassel, decision made to restructure the Bundesliga Handball Association after an agreement was reached between the DHB and the league association (1.6.2003).

Chairman: Heinz Jacobsen
Vice Chairman: Rudi Hartz
Treasurer: Manfred Werner
Bundesliga commitee members Bundesliga: Bodo Ströhmann und Bernd-Uwe Hildebrandt
Divison 2 committee members: Karl-Heinz Scheer und Manfred Kassahn


Relocation of head office to Dortmund


The Handball Bundesliga GmbH is founded in Dortmund, aimed at organising and promoting the Bundesliga in conjunction with the league association.

CEO: Frank Bohmann
Marketing & business development manager: Mark Schober
Bundesliga manager: Uwe Stemberg
Divison 2 manager: Horst Galinsky
Office manager: Dr. Ernst-Günter Strauß


The league’s naming rights are sold for the first time and purchased by Toyota. The league becomes known as the TOYOTA Handball Bundesliga.


Former world-class goalkeeper Andreas Thiel is appointed legal adviser to the TOYOTA HBL.


Mark Schober, 35, is appointed the Handball Bundesliga GmbH’s commissioner.


Representatives of the 18 first-division and 36 second-tier clubs unanimously vote in Reiner Witte as president of the league association.


Victor vom Kolke is employed by the HBL as the head of marketing and cooperations.


Reiner Witte is given a second term as president of the HBL at a meeting of the Bundesliga general assembly in Düsseldorf.


Andreas Wäschenbach joins the HBL team, being appointed match operations manager.

September 2011

In accordance with a decision made by the Bundesliga general assembly on 5.2.2009 and as a result of the 2010/11 qualifying season, the single-track Division 2 starts with a total of 20 teams in 2011/12.


The HBL team is further strengthened by Matthias Thiele, who is appointed online and new media manager.


Horst Galinsky retires as Division 2 manager after years of successful work. 

Stefanie Damaschke becomes the first woman to be part of the HBL team, being appointed events manager.


Uwe Stemberg, who had worked for the HBL for a number of years, retires from his position as Bundesliga manager. He retains an advisory position.


The naming rights contract with TOYOTA ends after five years of successful collaboration. DKB become the new naming rights partners. As of the start of the 2012/13 season, the league becomes known as the DKB Handball Bundesliga.


A decision made by an independent tribunal and Dortmund’s district court in accordance to the league’s licensing conditions meant that the 2014/15 season would see 19 teams play in the top-flight and 20 teams in the second tier.

A number of changes in the organisation saw Uwe Schwenker become the new president. Other members of the presidential board include Gerd Hofele (vice president – finance); Marc-Henrik Schmedt (vice president – Bundesliga); Christian Fitzek (vice president - Division 2); Benjamin Chatton (Bundesliga committee member); Klaus Elwardt (Bundesliga committee member); Gerald Oberbeck (Division 2 committee member); Karsten Günther (Division 2 committee member).


After ten successful years working for the Handball Bundesliga, Mark Schober leaves his position to become the German Handball Association's new general secretary.