Handball on TV

In 2016 the DKB Handball-Bundesliga has successfully awarded the audio-visual rights (live and delayed) for the territories of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg and Alto Adige to the media-concern Sky Germany (from 2017 until 2023) and to the rights agency SportA (from 2017 until 2021).

DKB Handball-Bundesliga online & on TV

In the season 2017/2018 Sky broadcasted all matches of the DKB Handball-Bundesliga, Pixum Super Cup, All Star Game and selected matches of the DHB-Pokal on its Pay TV / PPV / internet platforms. SportA broadcasted two matches of the REWE Final Four and seven matches of the DKB Handball-Bundesliga on its Germany’s state-owned TV-channels ARD and ZDF and regional programs. In the next season Sky will continue broadcasting all 306 matches of the DKB HBL and its events like the DHB-Cup. SportA will show up to 12 matches on Free-TV. Sky & SportA therefore offer an unprecedented media presence for all handball fans in German speaking territories.

Sky: New Home of Handball

Sky Germany invested not only in the amount of produced matches but also in the quality of the production and the media coverage. Many matches are produced in a 5-6 camera standard and infrastructural measures have been implemented in all arenas to ensure high quality broadcasting of the matches. Furthermore Sky invested in the production of more extensive background stories and weekly highlight shows, launched a new website and Facebook-page for all handball-interested fans and continuously works on new features like interviews in time-outs, insights in the dressing rooms, and referee cams. SportA has especially increased its post-match reporting in newscasts and magazines on Free-TV and its online platforms.

The Handball Experts at Sky:

Stefan Kretzschmar
Heiner Brand
Martin Schwalb
Frank von Behren
Pascal Hens
Michael Kraus
Henning Fritz

The Moderators at Sky:

Jens Westen
Noah Pudelko

The Commentators at Sky:

Karsten Petrzika
Markus Götz
Heiko Mallwitz
Sascha Roos
Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld
Dennis Baier
Jonas Friedrich
Jürgen Schmitz
Carsten Fuljahn
Gregor Teicher (Sky conference on Sundays)

DKB HBL: When and where to watch

Thursday                    07:00 pm                    4 single matches                    Sky Sport & HD

Sunday                      01:30 pm                    1 top match                           Sky Sport & HD

Sunday                      04:00 pm                    4 single matches                    Sky Sport & HD

Deviations are possible in individual cases.

For every Fan the right Offer

You want to be part of the Sky handball world? Then you have the following options:
Either you become a member of Sky and buy the Sky Sports Package for 19,99 € per month (subscription) which includes all matches of the DKB HBL and the EHF Champions League (and other sports) or you acquire the Super Sports Ticket daily, monthly or weekly without contractual obligation. Alternatively all Telekom customers get a special offer for the Telekom Sport Paket which includes the DKB Handball-Bundesliga (9,95 – 14,95€ monthly subscription).