REWE Final4: The Highlight of the season

On this page you can read exciting information about our premium event from current news to the history of the REWE Final4.

News: The Rewe Final4 moves to Cologne

The REWE Final4 for the DHB-Pokal will be held in Cologne's LANXESS arena from 2023. This means that the premium event of German handball, in which the DHB-Pokal winner is played in two semifinals (Saturday) and the final match (Sunday) on one weekend, will move from Hamburg to Cologne after 29 years in the LANXESS arena, whose tiers will offer the REWE Final4 up to 19,750 spectators. The arena, located close to the center of the Rhine metropolis, is one of the largest and most modern multifunctional arenas nationally and internationally.

Handball-Bundesliga GmbH, which has been headquartered in Cologne since 2016, and Arena Management GmbH agreed on a contract term of at least five years up to and including 2027. This was announced today by Frank Bohmann, Managing Director of Handball-Bundesliga GmbH, and Stefan Löcher, Managing Director of LANXESS arena GmbH, at a press briefing in the LANXESS arena, where Henriette Reker, Mayor of the City of Cologne, reinforced the podium and officially welcomed the REWE Final4 for the DHB Cup to the metropolis on the Rhine. The first REWE Final4 in the LANXESS arena Cologne will take place on April 15 & 16, 2023.

REWE Final4 2022: Kiel is DHB-Pokal winner

THW Kiel wins the REWE Final4 2022 with 28:21 against SC Magdeburg and wins the title as the winner of the DHB-Pokal for the 12th time in history. 
After the two final participants went into halftime with a 12:13 lead for SC Magdeburg, the 2nd half started just as exciting and left a final result completely open until the 50th minute of the game.

With a total of twelve wins in the DHB Cup, THW Kiel is the record winner. Sander Sagosen was THW Kiel's top scorer with eight goals, while Omar Ingi Magnusson scored seven times for SC Magdeburg. Niklas Landin decided the REWE Final4 2022 final for THW Kiel with 14 saves.

The final developed into a defensive battle at the beginning of the first half, so that it was only 5:4 for THW Kiel in the 15th minute. In particular, Kiel keeper Niklas Landin was responsible for THW's lead. However, the Magdeburgers did not let themselves be shaken off.

After the timeout by SCM coach Bennet Wiegert, Magdeburg scored the equalizer in the 24th minute (9:9) and took the lead in the 25th minute with a goal by Gisli Kristiansson.

After a halftime score of 12:13 for SC Magdeburg, THW Kiel started the second half better and quickly equalized again with a subsequent lead in the 42nd minute (18:17).

Especially in the final phase, the Kielers played out their class and were able to win the final 28:21 in a sold-out Barclays Arena.

Coming soon: The REWE Final4 in April 2023

Next year, the winner of the DHB-Pokal will again be played out between the four best Pokal teams. The final weekend for the DHB-Pokal will be held for the first time at the 19,750-seat LANXESS arena in Cologne on April 15 and 16, 2023.
The two semifinals will take place on Saturday (April 15, 2023), followed by the grand final for the 2022/23 DHB-Pokal  on Sunday (April 16, 2023).

The remaining match dates in the DHB Pokal 2022/23:
1st Round of the DHB-Pokal: August 27/28, 2022
2nd Round of the DHB-Pokal: Ocotber 19/20, 2022
Finals of the Round of 16: December 21/22, 2022
Finals of the Quarter: February 04/05, 2023
REWE Final4 (Semifinals & Final): April 15/16, 2023


History: The REWE Final4 since 1994

It is the most popular club handball event in the world: The REWE Final4. The 4 best DHB-Pokal teams of the season fight on the final weekend of the DHB-Pokal in 2 semi-final matches (on Saturday) and one final match (on Sunday) in the Barclays Arena Hamburg for the coveted DHB-Pokal.The success story of the Final4 tournament to date, which has played a major role in shaping the great reputation of the DHB-Pokal to this day, is closely linked to Hamburg and today's Barclays Arena. In 1994, the last four clubs remaining in the cup competition met for the first time in the Sporthalle Hamburg in Hamburg Alsterdorf. A year earlier, the DHB-Pokal final celebrated its premiere in the form of a Final4 tournament in Frankfurt's Ballsporthalle.
From 2003 to 2021, the REWE Final4 for the DHB-Pokal then developed into the world's most popular and traditional Final4 tournament in handball at today's Barclays Arena. The REWE Final4 stands for a unique arena atmosphere and also sets standards as a TV and media event. Both semifinals and the final will be shown live in their entirety by Sky on pay TV. ARD or ZDF will broadcast one of the semifinals in parallel, while ARD will also broadcast the final in parallel with Sky. Nationally, the REWE Final4 tournament achieves a broadcast duration of up to 61 hours and an annual reach of up to 43 million viewers. The matches of the DHB-Pokal final weekend are shown live in 30 countries worldwide.