Organisational structure

Handball-Bundesliga e.V.

The Handball-Bundesliga e.V. is the merger of the licensed clubs and/or their responsible economic bodies of the 1. and 2. Bundesliga (m).  It exists since 20.06.2003 after the resolution passed on the restructuring of the HBMV e.V. to Handball-Bundesliga e.V.

The HBL e.V. heads of an eight-member committee, which is voted by the general meeting for 3 years in each case. The committee exists of a president, a vice president finance, two vice presidents, two assessors 1. league and two assessors 2. league. The managing director of the Handball-Bundesliga GmbH belongs to the committee without a voting right.

A basic treaty regulates the competence and the area of responsibility between the HBL and DHB. The national association is also an important and intimately partner, despite of the autonomy of the league association.

The operative business is being run by the Handball-Bundesliga GmbH.

Handball-Bundesliga GmbH

The Handball-Bundesliga GmbH is responsible for the organization, licensing and marketing of the 1. and 2. Bundesliga. It schedules the matchdays and handles the organizational site of player transfers. Additional to the 612 season games the HBL is responsible for all cup matches as well as the realization of the cup Final4, the Super Cup and the All Star Game.

According to the licensing procedure, the HBL proofs mainly on economic criteria the conditions of the qualified clubs for their participation. The procedure is conducted by a licensing commission which consists of experts of right and finance as well as the managing director of the HBL GmbH.

Furthermore, the HBL GmbH is responsible for central marketing of the naming right and the media rights in the national territory as well as abroad.