03.08.2022  LIQUI MOLY HBL

Professional handball invests in technical development: Bundesliga clubs adopt "time-out buzzer" and "live video analysis"

At the regular general meeting of the Handball-Bundesliga e.V., the managing directors of the LIQUI MOLY HBL and 2nd HBL clubs voted unanimously in favour of using a time-out buzzer technique.

In the LIQUI MOLY HBL, the timeout buzzer is to be used at all matches from the coming 2022/23 season. In the 2nd HBL, the "Team Timeout Request System" is scheduled for the start of the second half of the season at the beginning of February 2023. HBL GmbH successfully used this technology for the first time at this year's REWE Final4.

The use of the time-out buzzer replaces the "green card", with which the coach whose team is on the attack could request a team time-out (game time-out) of one minute's duration by placing the card on the timekeeper's and secretary's table.

The buzzers are placed on an approximately waist-high column to the right and left of the timekeeper's table. They are directly connected to the hall display system, whereby the playing time is automatically stopped when the timekeeper presses the time-out button.


HBL match director Andreas Wäschenbach: "By using buzzer technology throughout the league, the LIQUI MOLY HBL is taking a big step forward in technical development. The use of the system also facilitates team timeout interaction between coaches and officials at the timekeeper's table."

An acoustic signal sounds in the halls when playing time is stopped. During a timeout, game tactics are usually discussed. Since the 2012/13 season, a maximum of two time-outs per half-time, but a maximum of three time-outs in total per match, can be taken in both professional leagues.

Introduction of live video analysis: From the 2022/23 season, the signal from the executive camera can be used for analysis during a match in progress. This will be made possible through the use of a standardised analysis tool that will be available to the LIQUI MOLY HBL coaching teams. Technical options for direct evaluation of the footage will support the activities on the coaches' benches and expand the possibilities for coaching the Bundesliga teams during and after each match.

Among other things, the live video analysis tool offers the integration of graphics (with game time, score, time penalties), video editing and tagging, incl. playback and export of individual game scenes, playback function, incl. zoom and slow motion as well as an automatic upload of the entire game to the internal HBL video exchange platform. With the cross-club introduction of this innovative analysis tool, HBL GmbH is expanding its cooperation with the Bremen-based company Sportlounge.

Time-out buzzer and live video analysis will be used for the first time at the Pixum Super Cup, with which HBL GmbH will open the 2022/23 season on 31 August 2022. German champions SC Magdeburg and German cup winners THW Kiel will play for the first title of the season in the PSD BANK DOME in the sports city of Düsseldorf. Tickets are available from the LIQUI MOLY HBL ticket shop.

Photo: Klahn