Transparent and comprehensible - New "Handball Performance Index" enables objective player evaluation

Data based. Transparent. Fan-focused. For season 2020/21 Handball-Bundesliga GmbH is introducing a new benchmark for the performance evaluation of all LIQUI MOLY HBL players. In cooperation with Deutsche Kreditbank AG and selected top-experts of sports and science, the Handball Performance Index was designed to evaluate, analyze and compare sporting performance in all positions using selected statistics from all players.

This performance indicator is based on the expertise of a top-class expert task force, which has developed parameters in workshops to determine the most valuable players in their respective positions. With the introduction of the data-based "Handball Performance Index" (HPI), LIQUI MOLY HBL, in cooperation with partner Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), is adding a key element to the digital fan experience. With the established digital fan format "DKB Player of the Month", the HPI offers the community data-based and therefore comprehensible transparency of their handball stars.

The "Handball Performance Index" (HPI) has identified the following top 7 players as the most powerful players in their positions for October 2020:

Tor: Benjamin Buric (HPI: 142; SG Flensburg-Handewitt)
Linksaußen: Noah Beyer (HPI: 137; TUSEM Essen)
Rückraum Links: Michael Damgaard (HPI: 133; SC Magdeburg)
Rückraum Mitte: Jim Gottfridsson (HPI: 131; SG Flensburg-Handewitt)
Rückraum Rechts: Christoffer Rambo (HPI: 131; TSV GWD Minden)
Rechtsaußen: Robert Weber (HPI: 144; HSG Nordhorn-Lingen)
Kreis Mitte: Gedeon Guardiola (HPI: 122; TBV Lemgo Lippe)

This is how the "Handball Performance Index" (HPI) is determined: Each player starts with a starting value of 100 points per game. For "positive" actions (goals, assists, parries, etc.) the player receives additional plus points, for "negative" actions (ball losses, misses, goals scored against, etc.) minus points. Depending on the importance and probability of an action there is a range between 1-10 points. For example, a goal from the outside is awarded seven points, a goal from the back is awarded 10 points. The conquest of the ball by the defending team in the course of defensive work (steal) is valued with a maximum of 10 points, a fastbreak parried by the goalkeeper with 9 points. The sum of all positive and negative actions results in the HPI of a player.

Frank Bohmann, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY HBL: "Due to the HPI we are able to offer our fans much more insights into the performances of the players on the court. Players, teams and media also benefit from this innovation. Together with our partner Deutsche Kreditbank AG, we have once again succeeded in creating a value-added digital application that is very close to handball fans. I continue to see enormous identification and growth potential for the benefit of our sport. DKB is an immensely important partner and initiator for us."

The MVP Task Force is composed of Nationalcoach Alfred Gislason, handball world champions Johannes Bitter (TVB Stuttgart) and Dominik Klein as well as European champion Martin Strobel. Dr. Patrick Luig (DHB national science coach), Prof. Dr. Schwenkreis (Professor of Business Informatics, Baden-Wuerttemberg University) as well as the two performance analysts and co-trainers Klaus Gärtner (Rhein-Neckar Löwen) and Karsten Schäfer (TVB Stuttgart). The task force is completed by statistician Oliver Brosig and HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann.

As additional consultants of position-specific parameters, well-known players such as Patrick Wiencek (pivot; THW Kiel), Paul Drux and Fabian Wiede (left & right back; Füchse Berlin), Marcel Schiller (leftwing; FRISCH AUF! Göppingen) as well as the goalkeepers Johannes Bitter (TVB Stuttgart) and Jannick Green (SC Magdeburg) contribute to their respective positions with workshops. The agency in charge of the project is Rapid Peaks GmbH with headquarters in Munich.

The HPI is continuously being developed: A further step by HBL and partner DKB will be the increasing integration of the complex performance data of the league-wide player tracking, which LIQUI MOLY HBL has been collecting since the 2019/20 season with chips in all players' jerseys and a chipped ball.

04.11.2020 - LIQUI MOLY HBL

"DKB Spieler des Monats" Oktober: Die 7 Kandidaten

Wer wird "DKB Spieler des Monats" im Oktober? Erstmals wurde die Auswahl der Kandidaten auf Basis des neu entwickelten "Handball Performance Index" getroffen. Folgende sieben Spieler waren die Besten des vergangenen Monats auf ihrer Position, die endgültige Entscheidung treffen nun die Fans. Abgestimmt werden kann bis Sonntag, 08. November 2020, um 18 Uhr.