Handball Performance Index 2.0: „DKB MVP“ Jim Gottfridsson and Co. are now chasing the magic 100

The "Handball Performance Index" (HPI) is getting a new scale of values. Based on the expertise of a top-class HPI task force, the performance of LIQUI MOLY HBL players will in future be rated on a data-based scale up to the maximum value of 100. The innovations will already be used in the election of the "DKB Player of the Month September", which starts next week.

In the future, the performance of the most valuable players in their respective positions in the "strongest league in the world" will continue to be determined using the innovative and data-based "Handball Performance Index". However, this has now been decisively further developed by LIQUI MOLY HBL in collaboration with its partner Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) as part of a workshop involving renowned experts from the fields of competitive sports, science and the media.

Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld, Sky commentator and member of the HPI Task Force: "The exchange with so many handball maniacs was sensational. Hearing how players and coaches think about statistics, but also preparing the numbers in such a way that they have scientific significance, was extremely exciting. One goal was: to make the HPI even more comprehensible. The values on the new scale are learned quickly and are thus almost self-explanatory. It's so easy for anyone interested in sports to understand what a top performance is."

Task Force members Uwe Gensheimer (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), André Haber (SC DHfK Leipzig), Dr. Patrick Luig (DHB) and Co. met in the run-up to the Pixum Super Cup in Düsseldorf to work out recommendations for action to optimize the HPI in several small groups.

The calculation from positive and negative actions remains in place (all information on the exact calculation can be found here). However, in the interest of easier access for people interested in sports and to be able to compare performances of different positions even better, in the future the values will be mapped on a scale from 50 to 100 using linear projection. The minimum and maximum values of the respective position group from the previous season form the corridor in which all new values are set in relation to each other.

For example, "DKB MVP" Jim Gottfridsson had the best HPI of a back player in the 2020/21 season against the Eulen Ludwigshafen with 205. This value represents the new best 100 for the back players in the 2021/22 season.

In addition, based on the expertise of the workshop participants, the evaluation of individual actions was also adjusted selectively. Technical errors, for example, now carry less negative weight, while time penalties carry somewhat more. The same applies to the weighting of saves and goals. Slight adjustments have also been made here due to slightly changed hit probabilities.    T

he HPI Task Force will continue to meet in the future to further develop the Handball Performance Index both in the short and long term.Further information on the "Handball Performance Index" can be found here.

Members of the HPI Task Force are: National coach Alfred Gislason, world champions Dominik Klein and Carsten Lichtlein (GWD Minden), European champion and book author Martin Strobel, former national team captain Uwe Gensheimer (Rhein-Neckar Löwen) and national player Lukas Stutzke (Bergischer HC) as well as coaches Klaus Gärtner (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), André Haber (SC DHfK Leipzig), Markus Pütz (co-coach Bergischer HC) and Dr. Rolf Brack. Scientific expertise is contributed by Dr. Patrick Luig (DHB national science coach), Prof. Dr. Schwenkreis (Professor of Business Informatics, Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University), statistician Oliver Brosig and Claudio Riemschneider. Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld (Sky) and Sven Beckedahl (SportBild) represent the media point of view. The task force is completed by Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf (DHB), Sandra Farmand (DKB), Frank Leibmann (HBL) and HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann.

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Photos: DKB