Information for directions and parking

The Barclaycard Arena is located at Sylvesteralle 10 in 22525 Hamburg. You can reach the arena by car or by public transportation. We can also find here information on how to reach us with the German railway (Deutsche Bahn) or by air travel. In addition, you can find out information about parking. There are a variety of parking lots located around the Barclaycard Arena. A practical parking system shows you where parking spaces are available and the quickest way to reach them.

Seating Plans



Arriving by car

The Barclaycard Arena is located at the Sylvesterallee 10 in 22525 Hamburg
(The address to enter in a GPS is different, you can find it below)

  • Coming From the South:
    Take the A7, exit at Hamburg- Volkspark and follow the signs to “Arena”/Barclaycard Arena. You can also use the HH-Bahrenfeld exit and follow the signs.
  • Coming From the North:
    When on the A23, take the AK Hamburg-Northwest on the A7, direction south, and then exit at Hamburg-Stellingen. Then follow the signs to “Arena”. The same is true for anyone coming from the north.
  • Coming From the East:
    Take the A24, direction Hamburg, until you reach a traffic circle. Take the second exit, direction center, on the Sievekingsallee. This will lead to Bürgerweide. When you reach a T intersection, turn right onto Wallstraße, this merges into Sechslingspforte Str. heading towards the Alster. Turn left on the Alster and cross over the first bridge, staying on the right side (Kennedy Bridge). Afterwards continue straight on the main street, keeping slightly to the left, direction TV tower. Drive approx. 5 km straight and then turn right onto the Schnackenburgallee. Follow the signs until you reach the arena.
  • Coming from the West
    From the A1, merge onto the Bucholzer intersection (Dreieck), then on the A261 drive until you reach the Autobahn intersection Hamburg Southwest. Here you can change onto the A7, direction north, until you reach the exit Hamburg-Volkspark. From there simply follow the signs to “Arena”/Barclaycard Arena. You can also take the exit HH-Bahrenfeld and follow the signs to the arena.

You can find a map of Hamburg here.

Parking at the Arena

There are a variety of parking options located around the Barclaycard Arena. A practical parking system already shows you where there are still available park spaces and the quickest way to reach those spaces. The cost of parking is normally 8 EUR per vehicle.

You can always use Barclaycard Arena Parking Lots (ROT, BLAU*, GRAU**). In addition, you can also use nearby parking spaces. During days when there are events both at the Barclaycard Arena and the neighboring football stadium, you can also use the surrounding parking lots. Please be aware, during football matches, access to the road to Volkspark via Stadionstraße and Hellgrundweg is limited.

*Be aware, the BLAU parking lost is restricted for suite guests, handicapped and employee parking.
**Please note, that in the GRAU parking lot, there is also a parking place at the Volksbank Arena. This is for Barclaycard Arena guests.

Important: During all events, the Sylvesterallee Street is closed for regular traffic.

Arrival by public transportation

All tickets for Barclaycard Arena events include free HVV public transportation to and from that event.

Local Public Transportation (HVV):

  • With the S-Bahn:
    From the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (S-Bahn), take the S3 direction Pinneberg or the S21 direction Elbgaustrasse until Stellingen – Arenen Station. From there you can easily take the free Shuttle bus-Service to the Barclaycard Arena.
  • With the Metrobus:
    Line 22 (S-Blankenese - U-Kellinghusenstr.): Station: Hellgrundweg/Arenen;
    Line 180 (S-Holstenstr. - S-Stellingen - Arenen), Station: Am Volkspark

Plan your trip with the HVV

Arriving by train:

From all the 3 major city train stations, you can easily catch an S-Bahn to bring you to the Barclaycard Arena.

  • Hamburg Hauptbahnhof:
    S3 direction Pinneberg or S21 direction Elbgaustrasse , excit Stellingen – Arenen station
  • Hamburg Dammtor:
    S21 direction Elbgaustrasse, exit Stellingen – Arenen station
  • Hamburg Altona:
    S3 direction Pinneberg, exit Stellingen – Arenen station

Information for wheel chair guests

As one of the premiere and multifunctional arenas in Europe, we aspire to provide every guest a trouble free and unforgettable visit. Thanks to our state of the art building plan, we also offer spaces for wheel chair guests to have a great view. Arriving/Parking For all our guests with a disabled pass and that have official aG Handicapped license plates, there are 48 park places reserved in the VIP “BLAU” parking lot located directly next to the east entrance of the arena. To get here please come via the Hellgrundweg or through the “Grua” parking lot.

This does not apply to the license plat G (gehbehindert).

In case you are arriving with public transportation, you can use our free shuttle bus, equipped with a low floor entrance, which will take you from the Stellingen-Arenen station to the arena.


A ramp located on the ground floor of the E2 entrance can be used for wheelchairs, as well as children strollers. The entrance is located at the “BLAU” parking lot for wheelchairs. Once you are in the arena, you can reach all of the levels using a variety of elevators throughout the building.

Spectator seats

The spectator seats for wheel chair users – naturally with space for an accompanying person – are located on the ground level behind the U1 and U4 Blocks, as well as the U18 to U20 block, and are accessible from the ground level. There are a total of 79 wheel chair spaces, as well as place for 79 accompanying people.

You can find out more about our special seats when buying your tickets. Number of wheel chair spaces may vary according to demand and the different kind of events.

Washroom Facilities

You can find wheel chair accessible bathrooms on all levels of the Barclaycard Arena. On the ground level, they are next to the entrance ramps and can easily be found by following the signs.

The handicapped bathrooms can be opened with a Euro-key. Since 1986 the Euro-key system is used around Europe to open and lock handicapped bathrooms. This includes places such as barrier free bathrooms in the city, public buildings, train stations, highway rest areas, universities, public recreational places and stores. In the Barclaycard Arena it is also possible to use the Euro-key for handicapped bathrooms.

If you need a Euro-key, you can go online hereand order a key for 18 EUR. In case you have forgot/lost your Euro key, please contact our staff at the Info counter. They will be able to assist you.

Restaurants und Catering/Lounges

You will have no problem reaching all our dining and drinking establishments in the Barclaycard Arena – including 3 theme restaurants and 4 bars on the various floors, 17 fast food outlets on the 1st and 2nd floors – with four elevators located around the arena. It is also possible to reach our VIP suites and restaurants without climbing a step!

Mareen Milse

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  • All Star Game organisation
  • Pixum Super Cup organisation
  • Other event organisation

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