Next year, too, the new season will traditionally be ushered in with a match between the German champion and the DHB-Pokal winner. The venue will be the PSD BANK DOME Düsseldorf (formerly ISS DOME Düsseldorf). On August 31, 2022, the German champion and the DHB-Pokal winner will meet to decide the first title of the season between themselves.


The advance ticket sales for Pixum Super Cup will start on december 1, 2021. 

The first 111 orders will receive a Pixum voucher in the amount of 10€ for the entire assortment. The voucher can be applied once up to and including 31.12.2021 and cannot be combined with other promotions or vouchers.

Room Plan

Price categories and discounts

Category 1: 45,00€
Category 2: 30,00€
Category 3: 22,00€*
Category 4: 15,00€*
Wheelchair seat: 11,00€(incl. escort)

*For categories 3 and 4 a reduction of 20% applies for children up to and including 16 years and people with a severely disabled ID. When entering the arena, a valid document (ID card and/or severely disabled ID card) must be shown to confirm the reduction. The reason for the discount must be valid at the time of the event. Children up to and including 6 years of age are admitted free of charge without seating entitlement. No separate ticket is required. Severely disabled persons with mark B can request their ticket as well as a free ticket for an accompanying person at ticketing@liquimoly-hbl.de.

A maximum of 10 tickets can be booked per order. 


VIP tickets for all events can be booked directly through LIQUI MOLY HBL from the official start of advance sales and while stocks last. Please contact us by mail.

The VIP package includes the following services:

  • Seat in the best category
  • Admission to the Pixum Super Cup 
  • Access to the exclusive VIP area (from 2 hours before the start of the match)
  • High-quality catering with a varied selection of hot and cold food and drinks throughout the event
  • Stylish ambience1 parking ticket per two VIP tickets

The price per person is €169.00.

You can find our hospitality offer for the Pixum Super Cup 2022 here


We would also be happy to make you an individual loge offer for up to 10 people. Please feel free to contact us by mail.

You can find an overview of the services of the loge-tickets here.


We have a special offer for clubs and groups: With our form, you only pay for eight tickets when you buy ten, and two tickets are free of charge. This means you benefit from a discount of up to 20% compared to one-way ticket bookings. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount offers (e.g. reductions).
In addition, our long-term partner and event sponsor Pixum will raffle off a jersey set for one team among all team ticket bookings.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Wheelchair Places

Wheelchair tickets (incl. accompanying person) can be purchased from the LIQUI MOLY HBL ticketonline store from the official start of advance sales. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at ticketing@liquimoly-hbl.de.


DEG-Platz 1
40472 Düsseldorf

Arrival by car:
Nordrhein-Westfalen has an excellently developed motorway network that will take you quickly to Düsseldorf and the PSD BANK DOME. In Düsseldorf drive in the direction of D-Rath and then follow the signs to the PSD BANK DOME.

Travel by train:
The ticket for the Pixum Super Cup 2022 includes a VRR-ticket. This is valid exclusively for a return trip in the VRR area 2nd class. The KombiTicket is not transferable.

Input data for the navigation system:
Theodorstr. 281
40472 Düsseldorf

For further information on how to get there, please click here.


Up to 2,500 parking spaces are available for motorised visitors in the multi-storey car park (P1) and in the car parks (P3) and (P4) in the immediate vicinity of the PSD BANK DOME. The parking fee is 5 euros. The multi-storey car park and parking spaces are only accessible on event days and generally open two hours before the event begins. All areas will be closed two hours after the event ends. Click here for a map of how to get there.

All important information on parking and garage usage is available here as a PDF download. You can find further information under Eventparken-Parkvogel.



Arrival by public transport

The PSD BANK DOME can be reached by various S-Bahn lines, streetcars and buses. Under the following link you will find a detailed description of how to get there by public transport.

Travel costs for public transportation are not included in the ticket prices.

Notes on the Corona Pandemic

The regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance can be relaxed or tightened at any time. Irrespective of the ordinance, the responsible health authority may also order further protective measures. Should official orders or the current pandemic situation require or permit it, HBL reserves the right to make adjustments to the hygiene regulations.

At the present time, tickets are only available for sale to persons who have 2G status (fully vaccinated/healed) at the time of the event. The verification check will take place at the entrance. Tickets will be sold by seat and personalized to guarantee possible tracking. At this time, wearing a medical mouth/nose protection is mandatory throughout the arena circulation, in queues (including outside the arena), when moving to/from the seating area, and at the seating area. The current hygiene rules can be viewed here.

Should a (partial) reversal of already sold tickets be necessary due to official orders regarding the Corona pandemic, the full ticket price including ticket and system fees (excl. shipping fees, if charged) will be transferred back to the purchaser via the payment method used in the purchase process.

Others / Rules

May I take photographs or film during an event?
Please understand that, for copyright reasons, photography and recording of image and video material is generally permitted or only allowed to a very limited extent. Professional camera equipment with interchangeable lenses is not allowed under any circumstances.

Do I have the possibility to bring my own drinks or food to an event?
We count on your understanding that we have to ask you to refrain from bringing your own drinks and food. Exceptions are made, of course, for people who need to bring certain food or drinks due to illness - please have an appropriate medical certificate or other document ready . For babies, baby food can be brought in plastic containers.

What is not allowed to be brought into the PSD BANK DOME Düsseldorf?
For safety reasons, pyrotechnic objects and weapons of all kinds are prohibited. In addition, it is not permitted to bring food and drinks, glass containers, bottles and cans, hard packaging and other heavy containers such as luggage or larger bags (up to DIN A4) into the TUI Arena.
Sparklers, confetti, banners, rattles, compressed air fanfares and animals (with the exception of guide dogs) are also prohibited.
We ask for your understanding that bags will be checked during admission to the arena for security reasons. If there is a prohibited item in a bag, the item must be handed in at the evidence room in the entrance area.

Where can I smoke in the arena?
In accordance with § 1 (9) and (10) of the Niedersächsischen Non-Smoker Protection Act, smoking in the PSD BANK DOME is only permitted in the designated and marked areas in the outdoor area. The same also applies to e-cigarettes.